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10.11.02 - {ʻintɘlu:d}

Sorry about the non-updates, though I did indeed finish my sixteen page paper on the casual readability of Borgesian literature finally. Less stuff to get in my way of updating. This week we have not one, but two bluegrass songs, both submitted by the amazing KidTracker. Other regulars like Russell Cox and Matt1Plus1 reappear, though we have a great deal of less familiar, but very talented, faces showing up. Lots of Final Fantasy songs though, let's see if we can move away from those just a tad for next week.

Next week the bluegrass remake challenge will end. That marks this next week the last chance to get your remakes in to me. I'll get several other RPGamer staffers to look over the submissions, and then I'll announce the winner in the next update. Sorry though, no prizes, but you will get lots of recognition on site. Also next week I'll announce the next remake challenge.

A note about submitting music: please only submit music that you have personally editted/arranged/tracked/composed/etc. I can not and will not post files that you found elsewhere on the internet, for numerous reasons, not the least of which is protecting myself and RPGamer from potential legal action.

Surprisingly (considering the number of Korean readers we have), no one figured out from where 정상에서 만나자 comes. For those who were absolutely clueless but dying to know (all two of you), it's a song by NRG, whose title means "See You at the Top." This week the advantage goes to those in Europe again (I'll do an American song next week, I promise) and also to those who think about "all the castles in the sky, all the castles way up high". Wow, I just gave this one away.

Matthew "guifa" Stuckwisch

Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Main Theme (Final Fantasy VIII)
Justin Patrick Butler

It starts off with a continuous piano playing, then moves on to something light, and then gets very heavy.

Symphony of Mana (Secret of Mana)
Jeremy Robson

This is a deviation from the usual orchestral arrangements of video game music that tend to follow the original themes to the letter, hence I like to think of "Symphony of Mana" as an exploration on the themes.

Stick and a Carrot (Lufia & The Fortress of Doom)

It's the Lufia 1 boss battle metalized. My website is here.

Flight of Destiny (Dragon Warrior III)
Russell Cox

None given.

Mihos Pusec Harcos Ininec (Final Fantasy VIII)
Kid Tracker

Am I the only one who has submitted bluegrass?! [Ed: we've had one other]I have to make all the bluegrass don't I. You need to listen to all of it to find out the bits that actually sound like bluegrass. A big thanks to Vash for making this MIDI just for me to remix. :D

Bluegrass Extreme (Final Fantasy VIII)
Kid Tracker

Another bluegrass remix from me, but this one only has ONE bit that sounds like real bluegrass. This is mainly because I made the MIDI, and i'm suppoed to remix songs that don't sound like they could be remixed to bluegrass.

Victory (Final Fantasy X)
Kid Tracker

I really thought this song sounded really cool when I was playing Final Fantasy X. So I decided to make a MIDI out of it. It's a little newbie sounding though but.... I'M NOT A NEWBIE!!

Shadow's Theme (Final Fantasy VI)
Ben B. Bainton

In a time ruled by the MP3, some one has to stand up for good, old fashioned tracker music. Too bad I'm not that good at it. Anyways, this is my version of Shadow's theme, maybe the catchiest tune in FF6. My website is here.

The Promised Land (Final Fantasy II)

Well, this will probably be my last Final Fantasy remix for some time. There's already plenty of other mixer's doing FF, so I'll be moving onto other things. The mix is rather short, but short and sweet..I hope. :)

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