Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time - News
·PAL Version of Star Ocean 3 to Contain Final Fantasy XII Footage 08.22.2004  
·Official Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Website Opens 08.18.2004  
·Star Ocean 3 Spills Over to Europe 05.05.2004  
·Square Enix Announces E3 Lineup 05.03.2004  
·Sony E3 Lineup Leaked 04.28.2004  
· Square Enix, tri-Ace Offer Valid Excuses for Star Ocean 3 Delay 02.24.2004  
· Release Date for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Director's Cut Announced 12.05.2003  
· Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Director's Cut Ready to Sail 10.21.2003  
· Square Enix Reiterates: Blame Sony 06.23.2003  
·Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - A Sea of Character Bios 06.07.2003  
·Square-Enix Announces E3 Lineup 04.30.2003  
·Enix Lays Star Ocean 3 Failures at Sony's Feet 03.08.2003  
·Bugs Found in Xenosaga, Star Ocean 3 03.04.2003  
·Star Ocean 3 to Have Fight Simulator 02.09.2003  
·The Catch of the Day: New Star Ocean 3 Story Details 12.11.2002  
·Star Ocean 3 Delayed 10.10.2002  
·Enix To Introduce Advanced Display Option For Star Ocean 3 10.04.2002  
·Star Ocean 3 News Trifecta: Cast Grows and Grows, Battle System Details, Singer Announced 09.18.2002  
·Enix Solidifies Star Ocean 3 Release Date For Japan 08.05.2002  
·Enix Opens Star Ocean 3 and Samurai Evolution Pages 07.19.2002  
·New Star Ocean 3 Character Revealed 06.19.2002  
·Star Ocean 3 Confirmed for North American Release 05.17.2002  
·Star Ocean 3 Creators Spill the Beans 04.18.2002  
·Latest Star Ocean 3 Details 04.07.2002  
·Japan to Swim in Star Ocean 3 By Month's End 03.14.2002  
·Star Ocean 3 Release Date Announced 11.12.2001  
·First Star Ocean 3 Details Wash Ashore 09.26.2001  
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