Enix Opens Star Ocean 3 and Samurai Evolution Pages

Enix recently opened up two new sites for some of their upcoming games. To be more specific, Enix's opened up the official Star Ocean III: Till The End of Time site, as well as the official site for Samurai Evolution.

Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time is being developed by tri-Ace, the company responsible for the previous Star Ocean titles, Star Ocean for the Super Famicom and Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PlayStation, as well as Valkyrie Profile, also for the PlayStation. Although the game was announced for what seems like aeons ago, it wasn't until recent months when solid information about the title was made available. With still no solid release date set, Star Ocean III is expected to be released before the year's end in Japan and should make its way to North America sometime in 2003.

The other title, Samurai Evolution is a Game Boy Advance title being developed by Teaset, Tam Tam. Not a whole lot is known about the title yet, but the game will follow the adventures of a young heroin named Yuki and will feature a "Star Battle" battle system, which is being compared to the system used in the Star Ocean series. Enix hopes to ship Samurai Evolution on September 20 in Japan with a retail price of 5,980 yen.

by Eric White    
Source: [RPGFan]
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