Koei Tecmo's historical action RPG, set in the 16th-century Japan, finally looks set to be released after its original announcement in 2004.

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Koei Tecmo Japan
Koei Tecmo US
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2016 Japan
2016 US
2016 Europe
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·Nioh Complete Edition Trailer Arrives 11.02.2017  
·Nioh Complete Edition Slicing to PC 10.02.2017  
·Nioh Final DLC Now Available 09.26.2017  
·Nioh DLC Closes With Bloodshed's End 09.07.2017  
·Winter Is Coming to Nioh in New DLC 07.10.2017  
·Nioh's First DLC Now Available 05.02.2017  
·Nioh's First DLC Outlined 04.12.2017  
·Nioh Having One Last Demo 01.19.2017  
·Nioh Introduces Kuniochi 01.10.2017  
·PlayStation Experience Presentation Wrap-Up 12.03.2016  
·Nioh PS4 Pro Modes Detailed 11.05.2016  
·Nioh Comes Home in New Trailer - TGS 09.15.2016  
·Sony Pre-TGS Conference Round-up 09.13.2016  
·Details Drop for Nioh's Second Beta 08.18.2016  
·Second Nioh Demo Date Set 07.19.2016  
·Nioh Impression - E3 06.16.2016  
·Nioh to Receive New Demo in August - E3 06.15.2016  
·Nioh Demo Incoming 04.04.2016  
·Nioh Gets Extended Gameplay Look 03.08.2016  
·New Trailer for Ni-Oh Features Blades of Steel 12.08.2015  
·Ni-Oh Gets First Details, Screenshots - TGS 09.19.2015  
·Sony Japan Press Conference Round-Up 09.15.2015  

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