Final Fantasy XIV - News  
·Watch Others Play Final Fantasy XIV 08.15.2013  
·Start Rebuilding Final Fantasy XIV Early 08.08.2013  
·The Great Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Beta Code Giveaway 06.26.2013  
·New Final Fantasy XIV Trailers Arrive 06.14.2013  
·E3 - New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer 06.11.2013  
·Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to Release in August 05.23.2013  
·Two More Final Fantasy XIV Alpha Videos 12.18.2012  
·Final Fantasy XIV Servers to Reopen Tomorrow 11.20.2012  
·Final Fantasy XIV: That's No Moon... 11.13.2012  
·Final Fantasy XIV Was (Re)Born that Way - TGS 2012 09.21.2012  
·Final Fantasy XIV Breaks All Limits 09.01.2012  
·Trailer Shows Off More of the Reborn Realm 08.10.2012  
·Retail Update on A Realm Reborn 08.03.2012  
·Final Fantasy XIV Becomes a Realm Reborn 07.26.2012  
·Final Fantasy XIV Billing Update 12.13.2011  
·Final Fantasy XIV Reboot Details Revealed 10.14.2011  
·Tanaka Falls on a Bronze Sword for Final Fantasy XIV 12.10.2010  
·Eorzea Will Remain Free for Another Month 11.17.2010  
·Final Fantasy XIV Opening Movie 09.14.2010  
·PAX Prime 2010 - Final Fantasy XIV Interview 09.09.2010  
·Final Fantasy XIV's Cities Revealed 08.17.2010  
·Final Fantasy XIV Dated, CE Announced 06.30.2010  
·E3 - Final Fantasy XIV Demo Videos 06.20.2010  
·E3 - Final Fantasy XIV Interview with Hiromichi Tanaka 06.18.2010  
·E3 Lineups from Natsume and Square Enix 06.09.2010  
·Final Fantasy XIV Goes to Sea 05.25.2010  
·Final Fantasy XIV Goes to Sea 05.25.2010  
·Final Fantasy XIV Has Class 03.17.2010  
·Big Announcements from FFXI Vanafest 2010 02.28.2010  
·TGS Lineups from Square Enix and Sega 09.01.2009  
·Additional Details for FFXIV Arrive 08.05.2009  
·Final Fantasy XIV Developers Plan to Innovate 08.04.2009  
·Final Fantasy XIV Online Announced for PS3 06.02.2009  
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