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Eorzea Will Remain Free for Another Month


Final Fantasy XIV

Square-Enix will be extending the free trial period for Final Fantasy XIV by a month. Any account that has created a character by November 19 will be able to make use of this longer free trial. This will be the second such extension for the game, as Square-Enix made a similar extension back in October. Anyone who benefited from the previous trial period extension will also benefit from the latest one.

Square-Enix is providing the additional free month because of the impending release of some major updates to the game. These updates, which Square-Enix plans to release starting on November 25, are intended to address many of the problems facing the game and the concerns raised by the game's players. As such, these updates will implement a large number of changes to the crafting system, user interface, class balance, and retainer system, as well as the addition of a lot of new features for the game. A list of the changes that will be brought by the upcoming updates can be found at this link.

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Final Fantasy XIV
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