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Square Enix Rakes in the Dough


Square Enix

Renowned publisher Square Enix recently revealed its financial results for the nine months prior to December 31, which showed a large rise in both revenue and profits. This is mostly attributed to the release of several key titles, among these Dragon Quest VIII and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Last year's profits came to 11 billion Yen (106.2 million Dollars) on revenue of 40.7 billion Yen (393.1 million Dollars), but this year the profits reported totalled 13.3 billion Yen (128.5 million Dollars) on revenues of 60.9 billion Yen (588.3 million Dollars), a considerable increment driven, not surprisingly, by the Japanese release of Dragon Quest VIII. The sales of this game now surpass the three million mark, and that's only in Japan; the game is set for an American release later this year, and judging by Square Enix's overseas success with its Final Fantasy series, a European launch might also be on the docket.

Another sizable contributer to this end was the GBA title Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which has sold several hundred thousand units across the US and Japan. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time contributed a decent amount as well, selling upwards of 400,000 units across the US and Europe. Additional positive contributions came from the company's online division and from Final Fantasy XI.

Even these impressive figures, however, are expected to be surpassed in the first half of 2005, with the launch of such titles as Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII on the way. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the company's first expedition into the CG movie business since the commercial faliure of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, is also set to hit the world this year on both DVD and PSP-compatible UMD. Also set to hit the movie scene this summer is the cinema adaptation of Square Enix's enormously successful cross-media franchise Fullmetal Alchemist, which includes the PS2 game Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel.

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