Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - News
· Square-Enix Unites 2.5 Million Hearts With Sequel 04.27.2006  
· New Surprises Coming for Kingdom Hearts Fans 03.27.2006  
·Chain of Memories Links to Europe 02.24.2005  
·Square Enix's Chain Now Shines Platinum 02.02.2005  
·Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories North American Release Date Announced 11.10.2004  
·V-Jump Reveals Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Secrets 10.22.2004  
·Square Enix At TGS 09.25.2004  
·Further Kingdom Hearts Details 06.22.2004  
·More Kingdom Hearts Details Released 06.15.2004  
·Square Enix Announces E3 Lineup 05.03.2004  
· Square Enix and Disney Predict Kingdom Hearts' Auspicious Future 03.17.2004  
· Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Website Updated 11.29.2003  
· Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts Titles 10.29.2003  
· Disney, Square Enix Launch New Kingdom Hearts Sites 10.07.2003  
· King-Sized Kingdom Hearts Sequel Particulars 10.02.2003  
· Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts Titles, New Final Fantasy Movie Forthcoming 09.25.2003  
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