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Forgetfulness 07.08.2011
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"You are the music while the music lasts."
- T. S. Eliot
08 - Return to Mysidia
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Mystic Mysidia
Author's Comments
when Cecil awakens, he finds himself on a shore. when he learns the city shore he washed up on is none other than Mysidia -- the town he invaded at the beginning of the game -- things take a turn for the interesting. everyone in town despises him, except seemingly for the elder, who takes him in and challenges him to overcome his dark knight past and become a paladin.

right here, maybe track 8 and a half, was the "mountain of ordeals" theme, and would've included a segment representing Cecil's battle with himself in that mirror to become the paladin, but i was never satisfied with the outcome of the tune and ultimately decided to cut it.

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09 - Toroian Beauty
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Troian Beauty
Author's Comments
in a quest for the (is it Earth?) crystal, they meet up at the beautiful castle of Toroia (might be my favorite of all of them) and find a wounded (but survived!) Edward. he tells the tale of the dark elf (who stole the Toroian crystal and took it to his eastern island cave) and gives them a "twin harp" that will help them in a time of need. thanks, Eddie.

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10 - Edward and the Twin Harp
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Edward's Harp
Author's Comments
in the magnetic cave to the east where the dark elf resides, the group finds themselves in peril when the dark elf exercises his magic muscle and they cannot lift a hand against him. Edward, sensing the trouble all the way from his sick bed in Toroia, plays his iconic theme on his own harp, and its notes are echoed in the "twin harp", which the dark elf hears, and the music lifts his dark spells long enough for the group to immense in a battle for the crystal.

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11 - Clash with the Dark Elf
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Battle 2
Author's Comments
i chose this battle to represent the boss battle theme, feeling it one of the most memorable instances of the music for me, and also after a peaceful interlude of Edward's music, it proves the most jarring to be thrust into a battle for the fourth and (maybe final) crystal.

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Whereas the delay of the last update was due to quite a number of reasons, the missed update last week had but one reason—sheer stupidity. As I was about to post the column last week, I realized that I hadn't uploaded the files to the server. The files were inaccessible to me then and I'd be able to update on Tuesday at the earliest, so I decided to push it to this week.

Anyway, I have four more tracks from Daryl Banner's Dark Paladin for your listening pleasure for this update. In Return to Mysidia, Daryl replaces the xylophone and flute with a guitar. The track is as quirky as ever, though the last part becomes a bit too heavy for my taste. The part at around 0:55 is also a bit jarring. Toroian Beauty is a rather straightforward mix that retains the original track's elegant quality. Edward and the Twin Harp is a misnomer of sorts, as the sample sounds like a pitched percussion rather than a plucked string. Of course, I could be wrong, but if I'm correct, then it was a rather whimsical thing to do. The mix itself is not as bare as the original, which only used a lute. The initial "accompaniment" is comprised of ambient sounds, but towards the end, an actual bassline comprised of semiquavers is present. Last but not least, Clash with the Dark Elf is a slowed down version of Battle 2. There is less tension, but the articulation is much better.

Well, then, until next time, folks. Have a great weekend.

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

Sound Test Curator

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