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Three Years Later, One Week Late 05.06.2011
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"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."
- Leopold Stokowski
01 - Tyranny of the Red Wings
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | The Red Wings
Author's Comments
in lieu of describing the tracks (since they sorta speak for themselves) i'm going to just go through the story and be my own trivial commentary. hope you enjoy the story =)

just imagine the looks on the faces of the mysidian people as the red wings, headed by the dark knight (our protagonist and hero) Cecil, break into mysidia and steal the first of the four crystals of light. this brash act that kicks off the story right at the get-go represents the dark past that Cecil will spend most of the story overcoming. poor, tortured Cecil.

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02 - Baron
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Kingdom of Baron
Author's Comments
after Cecil returns home to baron castle, he questions the king's intentions in collecting these four crystals by force from the other cities, and the king -- feeling Cecil's doubt -- punishes him by booting him from the red wings and assigning him one final task: delivering a package to the village of mist. Kain, his closest friend, will tag along for the mission.

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03 - A Promise to Rosa
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Theme of Love
Author's Comments
i'm not sure what the promise is, but it's important that Cecil makes it. the night before Cecil embarks on his journey to the village of mist, we're introduced to Rosa, the love interest. Cecil sulks, full of guilt, reflecting on the people of mysidia, how they didn't even fight back. Rosa tries to comfort him, but Cecil prefers to sulk. maybe his promise is to never cry in front of Rosa again.

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04 - Into the Mist
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Into the Darkness
Author's Comments
you might notice, as we pass into the mist, that i skipped the 'prologue' bridge theme, but don't worry, i haven't. i just think the power of that song has a better place much later in the soundtrack -- and we'll get there when Cecil does.

and so Cecil and Kain start their jouney, delivering a package to the village of mist, and we all know what happens: it explodes. the town erupts into flames, killing most of its population, including the mother of one of our main characters: the green-haired little girl Rydia. (to be continued...)

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This update, though late by a week, marks my third year as curator of Sound Test. I honestly didn't think I'd last this long. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in this endeavor, particularly my fellow staff members and my prolific fellow remixers.

In conjunction with the release of, in Mac's words, "the finally completely complete version of Final Fantasy IV," I have decided to feature another of Daryl Banner's albums, entitled Dark Paladin. Following a suggestion made on the boards, the pieces shall be posted in bigger bulks, perhaps three to five pieces at a time, though still following the "storytelling by audio" format Daryl has utilized in the past. The first four pieces are featured in today's update. They are all phenomenal pieces, so do check them out.

Now, I won't be going into details about the remixes, at least not in today's update, because I shall be discussing something else. Did I not inform everyone last time that today's update shall be special? Look at the top of the page. Notice that little addition that says "Make a Request?" Yup, you read that right. Daryl Banner, Kain Vinosec, Garrett Lindquist and I have formed a small group that shall remix requested tracks for free. You can ask for a mix of your favorite video game music via e-mail, with certain obvious inclusion criteria, of course. As this is an RPG site, only music from RPGs shall be accepted. A certain degree of specificity shall be required. The vaguest request that shall be allowed is for a specific game, e.g. a remix of any track from Demon's Souls. You can request for specific instrumentation, style, or even who you want to make the remix. A confirmation e-mail shall be sent for those whose requests have been picked up by one of us four. Don't feel too bad if your request doesn't get picked up; likewise, please don't be too demanding. After all, these are being done for free and for the love of video game music. Occasionally, requests will interest more than one remixer, in which case, back-to-back features shall be done.

Well, that's it. Happy listening, everyone. If you have any questions about requesting, please ask them on the boards. Have a great weekend!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

Sound Test Curator

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