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Mega Phoenix 06.24.2011
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"Music is well said to be the speech of angels."
- Thomas Carlyle, Essays
05 - Evening at the Inn
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Welcome to Our Town!
Author's Comments
after the accidental demolition of the town of mist, we spend a night in the desert town, and Rydia hates Cecil for the death of her mother. then Cecil defends her against some baddies, and gains her trust.

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06 - Demise
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Damcyan Castle
Author's Comments
we meet the old amnesiac mage Tellah, and then experience the not-so-accidental demolition of damcyan castle where we find Anna (Tellah's granddaughter) and she dies after defending her love, Edward the bard, from an attack -- baron had arrived to steal the damcyan crystal. Edward is devastated, and Tellah blames him for his granddaughter's death. Rosa also finds and joins the group after her unfortunate headcold a little antlion heals.

we also learn about, but do not yet meet, a man shrouded in darkness who is the new chief of the red wings. he is a man who seems to be manipulating and feeding the king of baron's greedy mind. a man named Golbez.

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07 - The Artistry of Yang
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy IV | Fabul
Author's Comments
we are introduced to the martial artist Yang once we reach the castle of fabul to protect the third crystal from being taken. of course, baron succeeds in storming the castle, and we at last meet the face of Golbez -- and he is not alone. flanked by Kain, who seems to be working for Golbez, they take the crystal. betrayed, Cecil unsuccessfully fights back, but Kain and Golbez leave with the third crystal in their possession.

the group decide the only thing left to do is race for the fourth and final crystal of Earth that resides in toroia. they set sail for toroia, but partway across the ocean, their ship is blindsided by a beast residing in a mysterious whirlpool -- Yang, Rosa, Edward, Rydia, and Cecil are all thrown overboard.

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I'm back! So sorry for having worried a few of you for disappearing for so long. I've been quite busy these past few weeks. Other factors also played a hand in this matter. The main building of the hospital which I work in on update days was demolished over a month ago and I had to relocate to an old, (formerly) abandoned building while the renovations proceeded. Connectivity was reestablished about three weeks ago. Now, there has also been a series of strong typhoons that caused recurrent blackouts. There's also another one right now, actually. Thankfully, the winds have died down these past few hours, allowing me to post this update without fear of uploads getting interrupted.

Now, let us return to Daryl Banner's Dark Paladin. His fans have been asking me when I was planning to continue posting the rest of the album, so here they are. Evening at the Inn is a poignant piano mix of the town theme. An acoustic guitar was a wise instrument choice to open the piece. Strings appear later in the piece, as well as percussions. Truth be told, I would've preferred it if the drums weren't present, but all in all, it's a very nice, sweet piece. Demise, on the other hand, takes the somewhat melancholic Damcyan Castle theme and adds a touch of darkness and mystery to it by utilizing brief portamenti, allowing some notes to "wobble." Finally, The Artistry of Yang is as grand as one would expect it to be, considering the source material. However, I must admit that my favorite part of the mix is the fragment from 1:29 to 1:54. Those opening mordents are very nice indeed.

Have a great time listening to our featured pieces this week. Until next time!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

Sound Test Curator

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