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Half-Screen Hero 12.17.2010
Past Updates: 12.03.2010 | 11.19.2010 | 11.05.2010
"He who sings scares away his woes."
- Miguel de Cervantes
07 - Just Ask a Fairy
Daryl Banner The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past | The Goddess Appears
Author's Comments
The fairy fountain song, or the save-screen song, whatever you know it as, here it is. Once again, the harp's replaced with a folky acoustic guitar, then touched up with piano and choirs to give it that fae-allure and atmosphere. It starts picking up pace, adds a percussion line, then leads smoothly into the next track.

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08 - The Lost Woods
Daryl Banner The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past | Forest and Master Sword Demo
Author's Comments
For such a short tune, I definitely drew this one out =) It's one of my favorites from Link, and I have no idea why. I loved the forest in the Light World, maybe it was the cool shade of the trees and how it discolored everything in greenish light. The song keeps picking up pace (that's my typical gimmick in any game tune, pace-gathering and tension-building) and breaks into full percussion and instruments. The forest is also home to the Master Sword, and there's a little acoustic-guitar victory at the end of the tune when the sword's finally found.

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I turned on my system to make this update and I'm greeted with half a screen. Lovely... Just lovely. I suppose this is to balance out the festivities brought about by my cousin's marriage tomorrow.

Just Ask a Fairy features that familiar theme we all hear when we start an adventure, i.e. the save slot creation screen. Again, that acoustic guitar brings the bard-near-a-campfire feel. Truth be told, the percussions seem a bit out of place in this ethereal piece. It was as if Beethoven had placed brasswinds in the first movement of his Piano Concerto No. 4 in G, Op. 58.

The Lost Woods is far more daring in its arrangement. The slower tempo offers a more foreboding feel than the original, or at least during the opening segment. The coupling of traditional-sounding drums and distortions evoke the image of an electronic jungle, above which a lone flute soars with the melody. Truly an exquisite piece.

I'd really love to chat a bit more, but my patience wears thin due to my current technical difficulties. I can't guarantee an update next week, as it will fall on the day before Christmas, but I'll try my best. Since I might not have the chance to greet you guys next week, allow me to greet you now. Merry Christmas! Have an awesome weekend!

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