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Red Rock 02.19.2010
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"Music is the medicine of the breaking heart."
- Leigh Hunt
Red Wings
Kain Vinosec Final Fantasy IV | The Red Wings
Author's Comments

This is the first part of The Final Fantasy IV Tribute EP that I made last year. Each track uses the same live instrument composition: two rhythm guitars, a lead guitar, a lead organ, and a bass guitar. I used a couple of different midi programs to do the drums; Anvil Studio and SynthFont. Then I mixed the drums, recorded the rest of the instruments, and did minor editing in Audacity. After which I mastered it with Leon's Simple Audio Mastering Program (LSAMP). All of these programs are freeware. For this mix I wanted to really amp up the drums, but keep the main feel of the song the same. Length and order are virtually identical to the version found on the OSV which definitely gives it the same nostalgic feeling, but in a much more hardcore manner. The rhythm guitars do a little bit of harmony but not overly so. The lead guitar and organ play simultaneously which gives a great color to the tone that I use continuously throughout the rest of the EP. When all is said and done it's just a hardcore version of Red Wings.

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Neurosurgery has always been one of my top "differentials" and my liking for the subspecialty has increased even further now that I am rotating in it. Attending the conference was quite an experience, though, as residents got grilled for their operative mishaps. It was rather scary, but I suppose every residency program will have such moments, as the stakes in our profession can be quite high.

The Final Fantasy XIII items that I have been working on have been delayed, primarily due to the fact that I have a few personal commissions going on at the moment. Also, I underestimated the sheer volume of the soundtrack. I figured that four discs of music would fly by rather quickly, but I realized that actively listening to the tracks and paying attention to the tiniest details can be quite time-consuming, as I often find myself replaying a track several times because my mind wandered off, usually to medical matters. Rest assured that they are inching along. Perhaps they shall be featured in proximity to the March 9 release?

The update's title is actually a play on The Black Antonio's Wings of Steel, a metal-based mix of The Red Wings which won him the title of Resident Remixer. I chose this wordplay because this week's piece features another metal-based mix of the same theme, this time by Sound Test's resident rocker, Kain Vinosec. Kain's trademark style is quite apparent, and though the piece deviates minimally from the original in terms of melodic line, the vibrance and energy that the arrangement exudes makes it such a pleasure to listen to. It might feel rather weird to want to bang your head to the familiar opening theme that many RPGamers have grown to love, but this mix makes you want to do just that. I am sure quite a number of RPGamers would agree in my request to hear more from your "Final Fantasy IV Tribute EP," Kain. Anyway, download the remix now, folks. I assure you that you will not be disappointed!

That's it for this update. Have a wonderful weekend, guys!

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