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Binary 01.10.2010
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"There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is."
- William P. Merrill
Not Quite Worthy to be the "Grand Finale" of FFVI Arrangements
Josh "Callisto" Czoski Final Fantasy VI | Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale
Author's Comments

Detailed reviews of some game soundtrack arrangements can be hard to come by, so sadly it can be trial and (painful) error for people looking for good arrangements of game music that has so much significance to them.. I thought I would begin with a review of an arrangement that, while far from a waste, is also not the glowing example of game remix/orchestration done right. In the future I hope to add some more from must-have albums to ones that should probably be avoided unless something in the review appeals to someone--seems like a job worth doing, since I wish I was a bit more informed.

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And so 2010 has arrived. Seven years ago, when I graduated high school and got into my unique medical course, 2010 seemed so far away. Now it's here, and though the resolve to become a doctor is still there, I would've thought that seven years is a lot of time to think about which path to take. As of yet, my mind is still littered with so many "differentials" on which specialty I'll be applying for.

Ah, pardon the introductory musings. Welcome to the first Sound Test update for 2010! I was supposed to update last Friday, but found posting on 1/10/10 to be too quirky to pass. Of course, I could've updated on the numerically similar combination 1/1/10, but I was too busy to. Anyway, we have a special submission today—a soundtrack review. Yup, you read that right. RPGamer's very own Josh "Callisto" Czoski submits the first review since the last curator's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Hyrule Symphony review way back in 2007. Three years too long, I say.

Truth be told, Final Fantasy VI contains some of my favorite works from Uematsu, including Kefka, Terra, and Gau, some of which became subjects for a couple of my remixes. There are definitely points of agreement (Blackjack is positively divine.), though I have a few thoughts myself—one of which is regarding Kefka. This arrangement has generally been frowned upon in all the fora I have been to, yet this is the track that inspired me to start remixing when I heard it all those years ago. I was amazed back then at how the arrangement managed to evoke a circus, a nod to the character's clothes and antics, with those brasswind glissandos. Of course, this is a personal opinion. If you want to share yours, go ahead and post in the forums.

Callisto has actually inspired me to go ahead and try to make a soundtrack review. I had always been a bit hesitant to make one but I just might try it. It's a bit bold, but I'm going to make one for the massive Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack coming out later this month. I'm rather pleased with most of what I've heard so far, particularly Lightning's Theme and Blinded by Light.

Well, that's about it. Have a wonderful new year, folks! Until next time!

Fermat's Last Theorem

Sound Test Curator

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