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Blades and Fillet 02.06.2010
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"If this word 'music' is sacred and reserved for eighteenth and nineteenth century instruments, we can substitute a more meaningful term: organization of sound."
- John Cage
A Fun, Musical Adventure
Josh "Callisto" Czoski Brave Fencer Musashi | Brave Fencer Musashiden: Original Soundtrack
Author's Comments

As I wrote this review I could only hope that I did this soundtrack justice. On the whole, it's one of my favorites, a virtually filler-free album, though sadly a few pieces are missing from the game (taking nothing away from the value, however). It belongs to a great action RPG that didn't become a major franchise, but that shouldn't keep the music from being known as one of the greats.

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I've just finished my first 24-hour duty Orthopedics, and I'm quite relieved that I didn't have as many consults as expected. I must admit, being in Obstetrics and Gynecology for the past eight weeks has somewhat dulled my clinical acumen in other fields. It's qite funny, really, that these two rotations were placed side by side. They are spiritual polar opposites. OB-GYN is all about being gentle whereas Orthopedics focuses on much brute strength. Similarly, OB-GYN (along with Dermatology) boasts the "babes" whereas Orthopedics (along with Surgery) has the "hunks." I plan to use this rotation to relax prior to my last major rotation: Internal Medicine. The Orthopedics residents are pretty laid back, anyway, so I'm pretty sure we'll get along just fine. I heard that some of them play video games as well.

As for this update's feature, we have another soundtrack review by staff member Callisto. Personally, I have not listened to this soundtrack, and based on Callisto's review, I seem to be missing a lot. I just might get this soundtrack and listen to it.

Just to update you guys, I've picked up the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack and will be writing my own review as soon as I have the time to finish all four discs. A piano remix of Kimi Ga Iru Kara is also on the way, so stay tuned!

Have great weekend, guys! Until next time!

Fermat's Last Theorem

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