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The Usual Suspects 08.28.2009
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"All deep things are song. It seems somehow the very central essence of us, song; as if all the rest were but wrappages and hulls!"
- Thomas Carlyle
Iron-leafed Canopies
Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon EverQuest | Kelethin
Author's Comments

A submission under the false name Rob "leveler" Kang.

Composed for two electric guitars, electric bass, choir, electric organ, glockenspiel, and drums using Sibelius 4 and rendered by Kouen with GPO samples using SONAR 7 Producer Edition.

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Mage's Power Ballad
Tom Plets Final Fantasy XI | Mhaura
Author's Comments

Mhaura is a quiet little fishing village in the arid land of Kolshushu. The tranquillity is broken only by the occsional ship from the far off eastern city of Al Zahbi, or a fishing boat from Selbina hauling in it's catch. One can hardly see a party of bards playing heavy metal in such an enviroment! However, a softer "power ballad" mirrors the serene atmosphere while hinting at the subtle sense of adventure in the air.

Song was assembled in FL Studio 8, vocals by me, lyrics written by my brother Mark:

A voice floats in on the wind
Yet no one knows what it's saying
Secrets are told, stories unfold
Listen to it's healing words

Come and rest in our town
Time to lay your sword down
Come follow the breeze over the seas
it brings wisdom for you

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The Canyon City
JBWock ROSE Online | Zant
Author's Comments

one of my favorite tracks in the game.its a very lively song to begin with,so it wasnt all that hard to glam it up a bit with some distortion guitars,an electric piano and some synth strings.had a hard time figuring out where to put the voices tho.hope i didnt do too bad.enjoy!

mp3 Email the Artist metal
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As promised last week, here are the submissions for Round 4 of "The Grand Audition 2009." Neophytes JBWock and leveler from Round 2 find themselves pitted against Round 1's winner and long-time submitter Tom Plets. Who shall emerge victorious? We shall see in a couple of weeks. Please proceed to the round page to cast your vote! Voting ends in one week and the results shall be posted a week after that.

That's about it for this very concise Sound Test update. Have a great weekend, guys!

Fermat's Last Theorem

Sound Test Curator

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