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Breaking Day January 31, 2007

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Pokémon - Dark Clouds
Artist's Comments:I sat down and decided that I wanted to create something   different. At first I wanted to create some sort of battle theme  The   result was this very dark version of the Pokémon Center's theme. The   source can be hard to pick out as I've warped it quite a bit but it's   there. The middle section is a frantic desperate theme, while the "B"   section if you will is a little different than you may remember it.   The title Dark Clouds is just what popped into my head as I wrote it.   Enjoy.
midi Staff Submission piano

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

For some reason, I thought that my final semester in college would be easy. I got through most of my core classes, and left the fluff for the end. Well, it seems I didn't bank on trying to being my professional career with being a student. This, coupled with my addiction to World of Warcraft, results in a very tired curator.

Another slow week, but we do have something. My cohort in musical crime Barieuph has provided us with this week's lone submission. It's a nice take on some music from Pokémon, definitely recommended you check it out.

I wish I had more to give you guys, but that is going to have to suffice for this week. Hopefully things will pick up and we have some new music for you next week.

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