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07.05.03 - I descended from the mind

How is everyone's summer going? Are we all ready for (a) classes to end (b) classes to begin or (c) continuing on with our normal lives (you lucky people)? Good.

More music for you guys, from five different games. This time we even have a live recording of a Final Fantasy song, and a long beautiful orchestrated piece, also from Final Fantasy. Good job all around this week.

No one guessed the title of last week's update, Born Yesterday comes from Rob Dougan's album Furious Angels. This week the title should be pretty obvious if you've payed close attention to your pop music.

Have fun arranging, keeping sending your stuff in, and I'll see you soon!

Matthew "guifa" Stuckwisch

Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Battle With Saturos (Golden Sun)
Matt Bryant

This took a long time to put together. I spent about 4 days adding a ton of digital effects, and even after all that is till doesen't crack the 2-minute mark. *scratches head* Anyway, I basically made this to test out my new digital remixer, and added a whole slew of effects to it. The beggining of it is meant to sort of reproduce the *MINOR GS1 SPOILER* scene at the begginning of the game when Garet and Isaac bump into Saturos and Menardi. The thunder and rain, the heart beating faster, etc. The piece itself has probably too many insturments to count, but it's just a pretty much straightforward orchestra adaption of the original track. Hope you like it.

Mallow Discovers He Is Not a Tadpole (Super Mario RPG)
Matt Bryant

I tried to make this sound quite a bit more bittersweet than the original version, with a slower pace, and a soft harp lead, along with a synth instrument called 'crystal'. A piano, a few strings, and a whispery psuedo-vocal called 'synvox' come into play as the song advances. It's pretty simple sounding, but I hope you like it.

Serpent Trench (Metal Version) (Final Fantasy 6)
Mike Hurlock

basically i dragged my amplifier into the computer room and stuck the dinky little computer mic in front of it. i plugged in and started playing... i do this for fun, i've never even been in a band in my life! game music is the only NEW music i listen to. aside from that I'm into 80s hair-metal exclusively... My website is here.

Wishful Desire (Valkyrie Profile)
Edward Young

Another song from Valkyrie Profile. I experimented with the stereo pan this time around and some decent results, especially from the harp and celesta. Not bad for my 4th midi sequence. 

Ending Theme Orchestrated (Final Fantasy X)
Wincy Cheung

First proper attempt at an arrangement of videogame music. Hope it captures the moment as it did in the game. Enjoy. My website is here.

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