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20.05.03 - Emerge

And here we are, the week after the last update. Surprised? No school can do that. Thursday I <brag>graduate with honors as the most outstanding art student, MVP for swimming, and unofficial most outstanding Spanish student (long story). So I'm kinda happy right now.</brag>

This week we have our very first entry into the Vocal Polyphony Remake Challenge. And it's a good one too. I've heard of at least two others in progress, so I will set the final deadline for entries at 11:59:59P.M. 13 June 2003. Following that, we will hold voting amongst the RPGamer staff. I will be opening a section of Sound Test devoted to the Remake Challenges which should be up by next week. It will hold detailed information about past, present, and future Remake Challenge.

No one guessed last week's update title. The title "Tiptoe" comes from the new album Black Cherry by one of my favorite British artists, Goldfrapp. This week should be an easy guess, especially for you clubbers that try to learn name of songs.

This is a smaller update obviously because it's only been a week, but keep the music coming. There are one or two people though that I am still in communication with, so we'll hopefully have their pieces up next week as well. Happy composing and we'll see you next week.

Matthew "guifa" Stuckwisch

Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Hand in Hand (Kingdom Hearts)
Lindsy L.

Basically, the Traverse Town Battle Theme. Kinda nice to listen to. Almost...inspiring ^_^.

Ship of Regret and Sleep (Xenogears)
Ben B. Bainton (Elcalen)

This is one of my favourite songs from my favourite game. What else needs to be said? My website is here.

Terra's Theme (A capella Choir) (Final Fantasy VI)

By the way, I apologize for; I would've sung it myself, but I can't sing base. :) Anyway, this song took me a while to do, simply to get the harmonies correct. Hopefully, it doesn't suck. [Editor's note: it's a perfectly beautiful example of vocal polyphony] My website is here.

Most Wanted
  • Pokémon 3
  • Lost Kingdoms II
  • Seiken Densetsu 3
  • Diablo 2
  • Zelda: Wind Waker
  • Golden Sun 2
  • Terranigma
  • .hack


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