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12.05.03 - Tiptoe

Yes, this update is very, very late.

Tomorrow I write my final exams of the school yeah, IB History of the Americas SL: Paper 3. Then I'm finally done with my secondary education. Woo.

The fact that I've had eleven exams thus far is the main reason for this update being so late. However, this summer updates will be on time and you can expect consistent weekly updates from me. In the mean time, we have changed the way we will be archiving things in Sound Test (c.f.Theme Central) and thus the archiving process has begun again. But never fear. Once the archives are completed you will be able to browse by artist, game, title, whatever you like.

This week we have a good amount of non-Final Fantasy submissions. Those of you who enjoy .it files will be happy to know that four of our seven submissions are in this little format. I've had a question about formats that Sound Test accepts. I will take any file format that you feel is necessary to present your work to the masses. Whether that means Ogg, QuickTime, AAC, Windows Media, Real Media, MP3, IT, MIDI. It's all up to you. For the information you'll need to submit, please see our guidelines.

Also, last update's title was correctly guessed (and corrected) by Gwilym Wogan, who noted that the correct title of the song from Loreena McKennitt's Book of Secrets, Night Ride Across the Caucasus. This week's title comes from a recently released British rock album. The album surely went gold. Look mah! I made a pun!

Keep the submissions coming and I'll see you you next week.

Matthew "guifa" Stuckwisch

Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Simple 'n' Clean (Kingdom Hearts)

Simple 'n' clean scored for piano only, instead of the more common (on the net at least) xylophone and babgpipes. Re-jigged a little for all those disgruntled contraltos out there. As long as you don't mind dropping an octave for the really high bits, you can *just* get away with it.

Waltz for Ariah (Venus and Braves)
Michael Wu (AznPsycho7)

This is the main theme of Venus and Braves.

Reggae de Chocobo (Final Fantasy)
Ben B. Bainton

The title is pretty self-explanatory

Matoya's Cave (Final Fantasy)
Ben B. Bainton

The title is pretty self-explanatory

Dreams of Majesty (ChronoTrigger)

A Music-Box-from-FF5-Dear-Friends-esque remix of the unreleased Singing Mountain from Chrono Trigger. This wasn't what I originally intended to make for my first song, but when I sat down and started playing around, it's what came out. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome and very appreciated. My website is here.

Gonzales's Theme (Chrono Trigger)
Ben B. Bainton

I'm Gonzales! I'm strong! Defeat me and get silver points!

Gears Galore (Xenogears (and Metal Gear Solid))
Ben B. Bainton

This is a mix of music from Xenogears and Metal Gear Solid, two great but very different games.

Most Wanted
  • Pokémon 3
  • Lost Kingdoms II
  • Seiken Densetsu 3
  • Diablo 2
  • Zelda: Wind Waker
  • Golden Sun 2
  • Terranigma
  • .hack


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