Code Vein  
Code Vein

The team behind God Eater create a new RPG where the remnants of humanity has been driven by the Thorns of Judgment to a single final stronghold.

· PS4
· Xbox One

· Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Japan
Bandai Namco US
Bandai Namco Europe

  Release Date  
2018 Japan
2018 US
2018 Europe
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·Code Vein Shows a Bit More Gameplay 04.16.2018  
·Code Vein Talks Some Multiplayer 02.13.2018  
·Code Vein Tours Its Home Base 01.29.2018  
·Code Vein Gets Some Bloody Tears 12.28.2017  
·Code Vein Heads Underworld 12.18.2017  
·Code Vein Images Reveal New Area, Abilities 11.30.2017  
·Bandai Namco Releases New Code Vein, Ni no Kuni II Trailers 11.20.2017  
·New Details and Screenshots Gush Forth for Code Vein 10.05.2017  
·Code Vein Gets TGS Trailer 09.23.2017  
·Code Vein Gifts Some Combat Details 09.07.2017  
·Code Vein Characters Introduced 07.20.2017  
·Code Vein Shows Some Combat Basics 06.16.2017  
·Bandai Namco Taps into New Code Vein Trailer - E3 06.12.2017  
·First Code Vein Trailer Emerges 05.02.2017  
·Code Vein Brings Thorns of Judgment Worldwide in 2018 04.20.2017  

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