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There have been tons of RPGs released in the past ten years. So many that it's hard to even think of where to start when talking about them, but we dove into the ocean of titles and emerged with our top RPGs of the Decade. Unlike our typical year-end awards where we bestow glory and honor upon the games we believed were the best of the year, this listing is much more informal. Instead of picking the "best" RPGs of the Decade, as a staff we have selected our top RPGs.

We started by polling our staff for a list of their top RPGs. After gathering over 100 different titles, we took the top twenty and reviewed them in terms of originality, universal appeal, replayability, influence on the genre as a whole, and personal preference. From there, we obtained our top RPGs of the Decade. The following is a look at what RPGamer staff members enjoyed most over the last ten years.

Finally, this feature is completely subjective, so if you disagree, we welcome it. We can't and won't agree on everything, especially when selecting games from a list of hundreds of RPGs. Please share your own lists, destroy our lists, or whatever. Enjoy our RPGs of the Decade.

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