Fallout 3
Platform: multi
Rank: #5
Release Date: 10.28.2008
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


Fallout 3

When Bethesda took up the reigns from Black Isle nearly ten years after the release of Fallout 2, RPGamers were curious as to whether Fallout 3 would step up to the plate or just end up being "Oblivion with guns." Thankfully, we were not disappointed, as Bethesda was able to craft a wonderfully atmospheric post-apocalyptic world. Washington D.C. never looked so bleak as players venture out of the vault and into the ruined Capital Wasteland.

Whether playing this on the PC with complete access to the modding community or taking a dive into the console version, a first for the series, RPGamers were met with a huge world to explore. As empty and alone as this world seems at first, there are new adventures waiting around every mutant-filled corner. From the time our Vault dweller first entered Megaton and was given the option of blowing it up, we knew things were going to be interesting. Players were met with more than just bland NPCs, as it was hard to walk around the landscape without running into someone with a problem to solve. Heading into the heart of downtown fighting off waves of super mutants and receiving a distress call out of the blue helped players feel like they were in a real, interactive world. Being able to decide the fate of those in the world was just the icing on the cake.

After hours of trekking across the landscape listening to political propaganda, 50s-style music, or classical violin, Fallout 3 couldn't help but endear RPGamers to this Western masterpiece. Bethesda didn't stop after the release of the game though, as the company pumped out a decent helping of downloadable content. While some were better than others, each DLC pack added a hefty amount of content. Most would agree that Fallout 3 was a great RPG with lots to explore within a wonderfully harsh world. If it left players knowing one thing, it was that "war never changes," but it sure is fun.

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