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Editors' Choice

The realm of PC RPGs is not overflowing with content, but this year there were still a few standout games. Flooded with MMORPGs, it's tough for anything else to really gain a foothold. This year one game stood out above all the rest, but close on its heels were two MMO expansions.

Best PC
The Witcher

Aside from MMORPGs, the PC does not get many RPGs anymore; well, good ones anyway. This year was an exception. PC gamers were very lucky to receive the long awaited CD Projekt game: The Witcher. A mature game on par with the Grand Theft Auto series and a dark atmosphere help make it a standout in any category and a veritable shining beacon for lost PC gamers.

The Witcher blends spectacular graphics and audio work with impressive cinematography and an engaging storyline. The world is large, the enemies numerous and the side quests interesting. There is little here not to enjoy, provided a gaming rig of sufficient power is used to play it. With all these traits, it is not difficult to see why it is this year's PC RPG of the year!

Second Place - World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade changed the World of Warcraft, allowing casual players to enjoy more gameplay options such as two new playable races, new areas, and flying mounts. It changed the way that people looked at computer games and MMORPGs, proving to the common gamer that they could indeed enjoy their online experience without needing to spend hours grinding or farming. No other PC RPG released in 2007 brought so many people together and provided such an engrossing, fun experience.

Third Place - Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess dominated the PC scene by promising the citizens of Vana'diel a chance to travel back and participate in their own history. Who knew it could look and sound so marvelous? With new monsters, new jobs, and new areas to explore, Square Enix breathed new life into the areas that everyone had seen a thousand times before. Beloved characters from other games make their appearance in the expansion, a fact certain to delight fans of other titles in the Final Fantasy series. Given these reasons, it is no wonder that retired characters are flocking back to Final Fantasy XI; Vana'diel has never looked so good.

by Sean Kepper, Jake Miller, Shawn Cooper, Michael Cunningham

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