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Editors' Choice

Music plays such an important role in RPGs. It helps set the mood in an RPG, evoke emotions during intense action, and create truly memorable scenes. From a classic RPG soundtrack to actual classical music to one of the most unique soundtracks in gaming to date, 2007 was a fantastic year for music in RPGs.

Best Music 2007
Eternal Sonata

The music in Eternal Sonata is very impressive. The game includes some of Chopin's actual pieces, performed by award winning Russian pianist Stanislav Bunin throughout the game. But that doesn't mean that Chopin is to be the only one to receive credit for this masterful soundtrack. Motoi Sakuraba does a wonderful job of creating an original epic of his own.

Town themes and event pieces are grand and dramatic. Forte Castle's theme is royal, yet haunting. Battle themes are catchy without being repetitive from the standard theme to the boss themes. From the introduction all the way through the game's conclusion, the music is fantastic. It is perfect for a game so musically themed.

Second Place - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

The music for this title was composed by Shoji Meguro and it really pumps up the feeling of the entire game. It pushes players through dungeons and rushes them through battle after battle, floor after floor. It's soothing to hear upbeat music when not in battle and darker music when facing some of the game's tougher bosses. The player must continue to push themselves forward and each different block of Tartarus has not only a different track, though it tends to just be a few different instruments either added or taken away. It also brings a sense of accomplishment when commus are maxed and when characters have epiphanies at points in the game.

Third Place - Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

The original music of Final Fantasy Tactics on the Playstation was masterfully crafted and its recreation in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on the PSP is no slouch either. The wonderful score returns on the small screen and keeps the same feel of the original. From the sweeping main theme to the haunting themes of the Lucavi, this score continues to deliver ten years after its initial release.

by Billy Young, Matthew Russo, Michael Cunningham

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