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In the latest generation of console gaming where 3D graphics, CD Dolby Surround audio, eye-popping graphics, and larger-than-life heroes the Xbox is certainly equal to every other console on the market. Overlooking the cliché techo-green, the Xbox not only boasts more powerful hardware, but the most online gaming for any home entertainment center. With a weakness in terms of RPGs for the Xbox, staff members didn't have a slew of games to judge from, but what was there was certainly enough. Sequels, ports, and even cross-platform video games all managed to rank high on the list this year, and even an online game released as a second compilation of patches was considered staff favorites. Now that's dedication.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Ranking in the top spot for the RPGamer staff is the very same game the readers seemed to enjoy so much, and with such a solid franchise of entertainment forcing it forward, it's no wonder that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic won the best slot for the best Xbox RPG of 2003. With a inventive real time battle system that is combined with a tactical punch, Knights battles promised to be not only entertaining but also in-depth. Add in a few old faces from the many Star Wars films and you have yourself a recipe for an impressive and entertaining Xbox RPG. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a beautiful musical score and the ability to choose a side of the Force to kick butt with. Be a bad guy, be a good guy, but in the end Knights is just a good game to play for our staff members.

Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition

Sliding in the second place spot this year is yet another Xbox RPG that staff and readers agreed on, and with a title that has been popular for over a year now, it was only a matter of time before the game known as Morrowind hit a console, and after that it was only a matter of time until someone released a game with the patches released for the PC version. That release is none other than Morrowind Game of the Year Edition, an epic story of elves and wizards, there is no concept more fantasy than a fight with magic. Of course, there's a lot more to the appeal of Morrowind, including an expansive world, customizable races, and even online play. Game of the Year indeed, and RPGamer staff members agree with the name with a second place ranking.

Deus Ex: The Invisible War

Rounding out the top three for staff choices for best Xbox RPG this year is finally a difference from the readers' results. With a decidedly technological edge, there's a lot of fun to be had with the Deus Ex sequel for the PC and namely Xbox most inventively called Deus Ex: The Invisible War. A first-person-shooter with a RPG storyline flare gives gamers the ability to run around a technologically superior world loading their enemies full of lead from their weapon of choice while having a storyline to follow while kicking all that rear end. If that wasn't enough, the highly customizable characters add layer upon layer on the ammunition-filled cake. Guns, nanotechnology, and an RPG storyline taking upwards of 70 hours all get you a third place vote as one of the best RPGs of the year.

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