RPGamer Awards 2003 2002 Results  

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Welcome to RPGamer's third annual Year End Awards results. For a week, RPGamer readers and staff members voted on over 50 games to narrow down the list to a select amount. The votes were tallied, and the results were taken from numbers and put into text for your consumption.

These are those outcomes. We at RPGamer would like to thank everyone who turned out to vote for their favorite, and those who gave their time to put all of this together. Without the support of our users and our staff, RPGamer and the awards would not have been possible. A special thanks goes out to RPGamer's very own Anna Marie Whitehead (Paws), Paul Kohler (AmishChief), and Jeff Walker (CainEJW) for their hard work and dedication. Without further delay, the RPGamer staff gladly presents to you Readers' and Staff results for 2003.
RPG Of The Year RPG Of The Year
Playstation 2 Playstation 2
GameCube GameCube
Xbox Xbox
Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance
Computer Computer
Graphics Graphics
Story Story
Localization Localization
Battles Battles
Music Music
Gameplay Gameplay
Fun Value Fun Value
Letdown Letdown

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