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Many titles have often been given many great distinctions in the world of PC gaming, some may call a game revolutionary and others may give credit of reviving for another but nothing speaks more on a game than winning the graces of a staff that prides themselves on being game addicts. So many games were released for the PC this year, and even some old franchises brought themselves to the table but in the end RPGamer staff and RPGamer readers differed some when it came to the question of which game was the best for the computer. Face it, the PC and Mac are slowly becoming so advanced that consoles are borrowing components long in use for computers. Eventually, will we see PC gaming as the only gaming? Only time will tell, so for now we'll just get to the results for best RPGamer PC RPG of 2003.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Ranking first for the staff this year is a game that actually ranked in second for RPGamer readers, and no matter where you place it the allure and even the likeability still exists. Bringing the profound, entertaining, and highly loved Star Wars series to a video game often hasn't given many great games, but when LucasArts decided to try out Star Wars as an RPG the great RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was brought not only to PC but also the Xbox. With many familiar surroundings, Star Wars fanatics found themselves drooling over the chance to choose not only their own Jedi to play, but a choice that is becoming also popular lately: to be good, or to be bad? You see, in Knights you have a choice through your actions of either being on the good side of the Force (a Jedi) or being the bad side (a Sith). Now that is what RPGamer staff calls entertainment!

Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of Underdark

Pushing up from a reader's third is a game the RPGamer staff seemed to enjoy enough to give it a second place, and with such a powerful and esteemed surname behind it no one can wonder why. Neverwinter Nights was released last year with much hype, and even more acclaim. Everyone seemed to love the game, and with so much behind it, it's only natural that the release of an expansion pack would be just as popular. Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark brought even more depth to an already dark and intriguing plot. With the game's real-time battles and Dungeons & Dragons rules, every character and every event had a huge amount of depth and customization, and RPGamer staff members like to make their own characters and know that almost no one has a character just like theirs.

Deus Ex: The Invisible War

Wrapping up the Best PC category for staff this year is a game that readers didn't give the nod to, but RPGamer staff members did; twice. The aptly titled Deus Ex: The Invisible War apparently was very invisible to our readers, but when RPGamer staff picked up this technological first-person-shooter role playing game hybrid they liked it. With an assortment of high-powered enemy-killing guns, the second installment of Deus Ex series certainly has its appeal to some, but even a first-person-shooting game can cross over into the RPG genre and this series did it well. With missions running up more than 40 hours of gameplay, sometimes even per mission, Deus Ex's sequel promises to give you not only shoot 'em up entertainment, but a little bit of a storyline to follow at the same time.

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