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In this sixth generation of console gaming, where 3D graphics, CD audio in Dolby Surround, progressive scan video, and larger-than-life heroes reign supreme, Microsoft's Xbox stands head and shoulders above its competition in almost every technical regard. It's lean, it's mean, and it's fluorescent green. But beyond the questionable color coordination skills of the hardware creation team, the Xbox stands as the foremost bastion of online console gaming in the world. Xbox Live has brought online console gaming into the foreground for the first time and, although few RPGs utilize the service as of yet, the possibility of teaming up in a non-MMO style RPG with RPGamers the world over is a very exciting prospect.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Of all the science fiction epics fit to craft an RPG from, Star Wars apparently holds a special allure to the hearts of gamers. With its clever pseudo-real-time battle system with tactical elements, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a tirelessly fun run through the classic Star Wars locales. Featuring fantastic graphics that really show the Xbox's abilities, a wonderful soundtrack by long-time PC RPG composer Jeremy Soule, and the power to choose which side of the Force you want to represent, Knights of the Old Republic masterfully sets the tone for the Star Wars saga.

Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition

The Elderscrolls have long been the upstanding grandfather of all that is open-ended adventure. Arena and Daggerfall tell the tales of two of the many Imperial provinces. Morrowind and its subsequent expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon weave the magnificent story of the Chosen One and the eternal struggle between the Dunmer elves and Dagoth Ur, the dark God. Set in a gorgeous 3D world both massive in size and variety, it is truly as epic as an RPG gets. Featuring another wonderful score provided by Jeremy Soule and the promise that you can play the game however you see fit for as long as you want, Morrowind is the epitome of high adventure.

Phantasy Star Online v. 1 & 2

Phantasy Star Online: v.1 & 2 is essentially what the what the sub-series has been since its inception on the Dreamcast: A fast-paced, multi-player, action RPG with awesome graphics and a pleasantly surprising story element. Above all else, Phantasy Star Online is fantastically fun to play, either by yourself or with your friends, and sometimes that counts more than anything else.

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