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Few votes this year managed to show a decisive split between tastes like the Playstation 2 RPG of the year category did, but when the votes were tallied it was obvious you were either a Final Fantasy fan or you weren't. To some it may seem puzzling why some games have managed to grace the top rankings, and to others it may come as no surprise. However, in the end it is very clear that good role playing games will always get noticed while those that suffer a shortcoming in one place or another simply fall off of the radar. RPGamer readers were able to speak their minds and even though the now-defunct Playstation 1 doesn't make the list of the top 3 RPGs of 2003, it's not likely the Playstation name will be leaving gamers' lips for a while yet.

Final Fantasy X-2

As is to be expected in the RPG genre, this year readers seemed impressed by the Final Fantasy powerhouse brand. Specifically, Final Fantasy X-2 managed to rank high on the Playstation 2 list this year, even amidst one of the most controversial releases in recent memory. By combining three unique female characters, a well conceived real-time battle system that flies by, and adding the concept of the first true sequel to an otherwise never-expanding series; Square Enix has once again managed to attract multiple types of fans to the ever-changing Final Fantasy brand. All of this on top of the epic Final Fantasy X makes Final Fantasy X-2 an obvious shoe-in for first place as the best Playstation 2 RPG of 2003.

Xenosaga Episode I

The second place slot almost seems like a shoe-in this year, but with Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille zur Mach that may not be such a bad thing. With a close loss of the first place slot, Xenosaga certainly has nothing to be ashamed of. With an outstanding graphical presence, a intriguing character design, and an epic storyline there is little left to wonder how this space age RPG made it to the bronze spot. Being coined as a "cinematic anime RPG", many viewed Xenosaga not as a video game but as a full-length movie. In the case of this breath-taking adventure, nothing short of a movie would suffice. If that wasn't enough there is even a trading card game. Everyone loves a little trading card fun!

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

The final, and possibly most surprising, placement in the Best Playstation 2 category this year doesn't come from a bunch of girls, an elf with a boat, or even some mystical sword. Instead it comes from a bunch of devilish little kids looking for a little fun. Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness didn't have a slew of commercials, a bunch of hype, or even a nifty poster for download but to the readers of RPGamer it is a game that leaves it's mark using sarcastic and funny dialogue, a very unique storyline, and a tactical battle system that isn't really the method of choice for the high-powered world of the Playstation 2. However, RPGamers certainly know a gem when they see one, and Disgaea is that gem coming in as the black sheep and winning third place.

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