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And so it begins. . .

With another Wednesday rolling around, it's once again time for another edition of the Saving Throw. Today brings three new hall of fame entries for you. Artea and Darkniciad kindly each submitted a humorous moment for us to enjoy, and as per my promise, I give them the golden carets they have earned:

^     ^

Artea's story is today's featured hall of fame entry, where he tells us of a unique method he used to defeat a troll. Darkniciad describes for us the problems his group has in naming characters, and Carrie tells us of a fight that was just going horribly wrong due to really bad rolls.

It also occurred to me that since the supplied character sheets for most tabletop RPGs tend to require one to write microscopically and are just generally crap, fan-made character sheets (and other appropriate sheets) will be a new type of submission accepted for the Fan Material section. For now, I'll say that .doc and .pdf files will be accepted for this; if you wish to submit in another format, then ask me first and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. The submission guidelines have been updated to reflect this.

As usual, keep sending in your funny, embarrassing, or disastrous moments to earn yourself some double carets! There's still room in next week's Saving Throw for you. But first, onto this week's column...

Gaming Tip of the Week
"If you have wings... use them!"
- Artea

Featured Hall of Fame Story

New this week
One has to question the wisdom of a Dragonoid that decides to climb down a cliff rather than just fly to the bottom, but without this unwise act, one unique way of damaging a troll may have never been discovered.

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And so it ends. . .

And with that, this week's Saving Throw is done, though of course, I do have to start wondering... how would my character names fare among a group like Darkniciad's? Then again, at least his group names their characters before they try playing them... getting character names from my group is a little like pulling teeth at times.

That makes me wonder if any more of you have any good character naming stories... if you do, be sure to send them in!

Shawn "Not a member of the Hair Club for Drow" Bruckner

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