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Cowards Mar. 1, 2006
First review, the Saving Throw has.

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And so it begins. . .

Okay, this ended up being a slow week, so once again, you get treated to another all-me week at the Saving Throw. Hopefully, you guys enjoy my writing. I love doing it for you, my readers, but it does get lonely around here sometimes in my little corner of RPGamer. I still have golden carets waiting for you; I know you can't resist them!

Today, I have a short tale about a rather spontaneous battle plan and a long review of one of my favorite tabletop RPGs. I was noticing, also, much to my surprise, that there hasn't been a lot of entries in the Funniest Gaming Moments section. Even with today's entry, there are only four stories for the category. As I am in a mood to be amused, I now extend my golden caret offer to anyone who sends in their humorous gaming stories. Oh, and of course, you can still earn one by sending in your embarrassing stories and disasters for our amusement, not to mention that the first reader to submit an accepted review gets one, though please remember to check the Submission Guidelines and Review Scoring before doing so.

Anyway, please remember to save the readership from another all-me week. Meanwhile, let's move onto the column.

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Before challenging the cowards in front of you, it is always wise to first check with the cowards beside you."
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

Challenging Cowards by Nwash New this week
They say no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. Some don't even survive first contact with your allies, and some are never even fully conceived until they're done.

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Tabletop Gaming News

 Decipher Posts an Interview with a TCG Playtester
Source: Decipher Inc.

Decipher Inc., the publisher of the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game and Star Trek Trading Card Game, posted a interview with a trading card game playtester today. After a previous interview with a game designer, this interview is intended to give further insight into the development process for a trading card game.

While the playtester's name was not given, he revealed that he started playtesting in 2003 at the launch of .hack//Enemy. He has also playtested for the Lord of the Rings TCG and the WARS TCG. The two-page interview is here for anyone interested.

 Chaosium Looking for Call of Cthulhu Gamemasters for KublaCon
Source: Chaosium Inc.

KublaCon, a tabletop RPG convention, will be held over the Memorial Day weekend this year in the San Francisco Bay Area. Very few Call of Cthulhu gamemasters have volunteered to host games there, and Chaosium is hoping to make KublaCon a special event for the tabletop RPG. David Gabriel, the RPG Coordinator for KublaCon, is also "taking this opportunity to use every trick up my sleeve to entice you to submit Cthulhu events to KublaCon."

Gamemasters who submit early will get a private room for their game. Those submitting either one six-hour event or two four-hour events will get a free weekend pass for KublaCon and a green gamemaster's pin. Interested gamemasters can sign up on the KublaCon website using the volunteer link and the GM submittal form.

 A Game of Thrones Bonus Gamemaster Screen and Adventure Now Available for Sale
Source: Guardians of Order Inc.

The free bonus Gamemaster Screen and Adventure, which was originally going to be available only to customers who preordered the A Game of Thrones Deluxe Limited Edition before September 31, 2005, is now available for sale in limited quantities. The price is $12 for both items, and they are expected to begin shipping on March 6.

Customers who preordered the A Game of Thrones Deluxe Limited Edition from the Guardians of Order web store and are eligible to receive these products for free must email with their current address and request to be placed on the shipping list. Those not doing so by May 31 may no longer be eligible to receive these products free.

And so it ends. . .

Well, if you read my blurb on the main page, I know what you're thinking. Don't worry; I'm not planning on becoming a poet. In fact, as I find my poems rarely shine, I spend a great deal of my time trying not to rhyme.

*looks up and reads that*


...Let's just hope this isn't a, signal...I said signal... of things to come.

Shawn "The coward beside you" Bruckner

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