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The Gambling Mage Feb. 8, 2006
Tell me your stories. . .

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And so it begins. . .

Welcome to another week of the Saving Throw. Today, I bring you a story from our very own RedBeastMage on how he acquired an obscenely large pile of money with some clever use of magic and my story of how our party failed to prevent the escape of a powerful death knight on their first adventure.

In other news, I've decided to create a new category for the hall of fame section: Most Disastrous Gaming Moments. This section is where you tell the stories of things just totally going wrong because of bad planning or stupid mistakes. With this new category open for submissions, I intend to start a new Saving Throw tradition. For submitting stories of your stupid mistakes, embarrassing moments, plans that went horribly wrong, or just generally any general moments of personal tabletop gaming shame and being a good enough sport to allow all of us to laugh at you, you can earn... a golden caret! Yes, I may as well start using these golden carets I found in that box a couple of weeks ago. Thus, for those who have already embarrassed themselves for our reading pleasure, I award these golden carets to Wonderslime and Midnight Demon:

^ ^

Now, as for everyone else, I want to read about your moments of shame and share them with our readership. Tell us about the adventures you ran that just became total trainwrecks or the mistake you made that doomed or nearly doomed your entire party! Tell us about the mistakes you made on your first attempt at gamemastering or playing tabletop RPGs! This offer is just as good for total trainwrecks as it is for minor but notable or amusing mistakes. If your story is good enough, maybe you can even earn two golden carets. This offer is good for any story submitted to the hall of fame for Most Embarrassing or Most Disastrous Gaming Moments where you, as the author, were the one, or at least one of the ones responsible for the embarrassing incident or disaster.

Also, this offer is good for the first person to submit anything to the Fan Materials or Reviews section. And on that note, let's continue on to the column ahead.

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Tombs housing magically imprisoned death knights are not tourist attractions."
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

A Mage's Unnatural Luck by Matthew "RedBeastMage" Foster New this week
A new dungeon master gets to deal with the creative tricks of a wizard/cleric played by an experienced player. This magic user cleverly manages to accumulate far more money than the DM expected.

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The first week's contest is currently in progress, focusing on Dace and the Dawn Clan. This portion of the contest ends on Sunday, February 12. The rules do not specify the focus of future weeks or how many weeks this contest will run, but the release of Exalted Second Edition is scheduled for March 20. The contest rules and entry instructions can be found here.

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The Dungeons and Dragons website will be presenting a Product Spotlight Interview with the designers of the new Forgotten Realms supplement Power of Faerūn in March. Wizards of the Coast is giving fans a chance to submit questions for this interview. Power of Faerūn is a guide for running high-level adventures in the Forgotten Realms setting, and it is scheduled for release in March.

And so it ends. . .

Remember to send in your stories of shame. The readers want to see them, and I know you want the golden carets. Of course, you can continue to send in anything; your submissions are always welcome. I'll be back next week, as usual.

Shawn "Hates Death Knights" Bruckner

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