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Pathfinder Chronicles - Guide to Korvosa June 13th, 2008
Saving Throw's Review of Guide to Korvosa.

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Guide to Korvosa
published by Paizo Publishing reviewed by Martin Drury
64 pages, 2007, $17.99
Content 17
Organization 16
Consistency 17
Intelligibility 17
Solid Hit
Review Scoring

   Guide to Korvosa is the first book in the Pathfinder Chronicles line that is not part of an adventure path. However, most of the second adventure path, Curse of the Crismon Throne takes place in and around the city of Korvosa so it only makes sense to release a companion book detailing the city.

The book provides everyone one would expect from a source book on a city, detailing the history, districts, important families and individuals and ties to foreign powers, as well as plenty of information on the more seedy side of life. All major areas of the city are detailed, while leaving plenty of space for Game Masters to add their own flare. Details are provided on living in the city, for players who want to make the most out of the backstory opportunities, or take up permanent residence. And a chapter devoted entirely to secrets helps Game Masters keep players interested.

Perhaps the one major issue with the book is the lack of perforations on the included map, making it difficult to remove, but publisher has attempted to correct this issue by making a large scale downloadable map available from their website. This problem with the map does not detract too much from the overall package, as the guide book has plenty to offer Game Masters running the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path or just in need of a premade city in their campaign.

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