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Heavensward Details Emerge from London


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The London Fan Festival for Final Fantasy XIV was held this weekend, and Square Enix used the opportunity to reveal more details regarding its recently announced 3.0 expansion, Heavensward. The new details were presented by director and producer Naoki Yoshida, and will be included along with the previously announced features when the expansion arrives in Spring 2015.

The presentation started off by providing some details about the forms of air travel that will be available. Players will be able to use either a flying black chocobo or their own single-rider airships to travel between various floating landmasses introduced by the expansion.

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Heavensward will also see two new beast tribes, the Vanu Vanu, and the Gnath. The new beast tribes will also come with their own primals, Bismarck and Ravana.

Finally, Mr. Yoshida announced a new job: Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is a tank armed with a two-handed greatsword, and unlike previous jobs, will not feature a base class. Mr. Yoshida also hinted at another new job to be revealed at a later date, pretending to shoot a gun as he did so.

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While players are waiting for the expansion, they will be able to access some new content in Final Fantasy XIV's 2.4 patch, Dreams of Ice from October 28, which includes the new Rogue class and Ninja job. More information about the expansion is expected to be revealed at the next Fan Festival event in Tokyo on December 20, 2014.

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