More Blue Wing Blitz Character and Combat Details
Blue Wing Blitz

Square has released some new information regarding Blue Wing Blitz, their forthcoming WonderSwan Color Strategic-RPG title. As was previously reported, the game will utilize a combat style similar to the Front Mission series, which was produced by the same team. However, since most of the battles in Blue Wing Blitz will be fought among airships and jets high up in the sky, some new factors are being added to the combat engine. The acceleration of the ships will directly tie into their ability to evade incoming attacks, and special skills such as evasive maneuvers and quick turns will be crucial in surviving the barrage of enemy forces. As well, players can instruct individual ships to forego attacking, and instead seek out enemy weak spots, which can give you a major tactical advantage.

Aside from the previously mentioned Keid and Payer, two more characters have been revealed. They are Havilan, another skilled pilot that will join the team, and Trund, the Prime Minister of the Esk Republic. Further, the game has been given an exact Japanese release date. Blue Wing Blitz will be released in Japan on July 5th, and will retail for 4700 yen (about $40). There is no currently available information regarding the game's North American release.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Magic Box]
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