Blue Wing Blitz Character Profiles
Blue Wing Blitz

Square has released further information on their upcoming WonderSwan Color tactical RPG title, Blue Wing Blitz, providing us with our first look at the game's characters. As was previously reported, the game will focus on the struggle between a wicked airship corporation who rules a large group of floating islands and an opposing rebel force seeking to take back their land. The game's first character is named Keid, a sixteen year-old officer in the Esk Republic Army force (the rebel group). Keid was born in Tadaga Village, where he is in training to become an airship pilot as the game begins.

The second character is named Payer, who is also sixteen, and a senior airship pilot of the Esk Republic Army. She had volunteered to lead the forces to the Tadaga village to defend it from the approaching airship armies. Clearly, the two characters will meet in this village, and the plot will continue from there as enemy forces close in to attack. Blue Wing Blitz employs the same battle system as the Front Mission series, allowing players to upgrade their airships and planes as they head into each new mission. It is slated for availability in Japanese this July, with no current North American release date announced.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Magicbox]
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