El Dorado Gate Chapter Five Details
El Dorado Gate

Capcom has released some new details regarding the next installment of their El Dorado Gate series. Volume five of the Dreamcast serial-RPG will include the next three chapters in the ongoing story. In Chapter 12, players will pick up the plot of Sophie, the monster hunter, who was last seen having been thrown in prison. Following that, chapter 13 will focus on Kanan, who will attempt to acquire the "body of steel" in Revenant's town. And finally, in Chapter 14, the story will follow Rado the air pirate as he schemes to steal the valuable crystal of power. Just as the previously released fourth volume contained the Music Selection mode, this next installment will also contain some special features, including an Art Gallery Mode, where fans can access a number of works created by artist Yoshitaka Amano, and a link to connect directly to the El Dorado Gate Official Home Page and BBS from within the game.

Volume five of Capcom's El Dorado Gate is slated for a Japanese release date of June 6th. Like previous installments, it will retail for 2800 yen (about $25). As was previously reported, the series was cut short after Sega's Dreamcast discontinuation announcement, and has been reduced from the originally intended twenty-four installments down to to seven. Episodes six and seven, the next and final two volumes, are scheduled for release in Japan on August 8th and October 10th, respectively. There are currently no known plans to bring this series to North America.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [MagicBox]
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