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The Grand Audition 2009
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Valkyrie of the Battlefield Jormungand
Comments and Score Breakdown
Criterion Fermat's Last Theorem Macstorm Ish Judges' Subtotal Readers Readers' Subtotal Total
Theme 10 10 10 5 8.64 4.32 9.32
Remix 32 31 32 15.83 25.73 12.86 28.7
Creativity 40 41 40 20.17 34.27 17.14 37.3
Production 9 10 10 4.83 8.45 4.23 9.06
Total 91 92 92 45.83 77.09 38.55 84.38
84.38 - Second Place
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Fermat's Last Theorem: First of all, I must say that for someone new to the genre, this is pretty darn good, so congratulations are in order. Also, as I've said before, deciphering a Sakimoto piece is, in itself, quite a challenge, so I'm quite impressed. The themes were manipulated with much skill and presented far from Sakimoto's trademark symphonic style. The piece itself is a pleasure to listen to. It doesn't become unbearably loud like most pieces in its genre—much to my silent approval, though I would've preferred a bit more edge to it. An overdrive guitar instead of a distortion one and heavier drums, perhaps? The themes flow smoothly and without much incident. Now, for the segment from 1:07 to 1:19, the electric organ seemed a bit too muted. Rememeber to make your melodic line heard. The ending was quite nice, though I thought that the piece had one too many of those sustained organ chords in which you half-expected the piece to simply fade out and end. The piece also borders on being a bit too long, which may make others become uninterested. All in all, a very good remix; two thumbs up.

Macstorm: Another great theme selection, as Valkyria Chronicles is something that too many people overlooked. This is a creative Black Mages style spin on the original piece, but at times the theme seemed hidden. The rock style did seem to make up for it, though.

Ish: No comments.

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