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The Grand Audition 2009
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Round 2: Flying Solo 06.12.2009
"Alas for those that never sing,
But die with all their music in them!"

- Oliver Wendell Holmes
April 10, 2009 12:01 AM GMT+8:00 - May 22, 2009 12:00 MN GMT+8:00
Theme: any theme utilized while traveling by air
Instrumentation and Form: solo instrument

Your task in this round is to create a remix based on a theme played while traveling by air. It doesn't matter what the means of transportation is—an airship, a magic carpet, a giant balloon, a cannon, or simply magically floating from one place to another. Note also that this doesn't have to be in-game. I shall allow tracks played in cutscenes. Note the word traveling. There must be a significant measurable displacement, say different map locations or distinct cities. If the track is played during a cutscene wherein the characters simply float and just happen to drift to a different rock a few meters away while making out or whatnot, then that won't do.

The remix must be for a solo instrument. I am assuming that majority of the artists would go for a keyboard-type pitched percussion such as a piano or harpsichord, but don't be afraid to experiment. You could go with Debussy's quasi-impressionist style and soothe the listeners with a flowy harp piece, or perhaps go with a solo violoncello piece not unlike one of Bach's emotive suites.

You are free to choose whichever form you wish—rondo, sonata form, fugue, theme and variations, impromptu, etude, fantasy—whatever you feel like using.

The judges for this round shall be yours truly, Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon (Sound Test Curator), Maxime "Unpetitmax" Viventi (Fan Art Curator), and Sam "Nyx" Marchello (Editorials Curator).

Entries for Round 2 are no longer being accepted.
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Round 2 Results

And the winner (this time by a more comfortable margin compared to the last round) is...


Congratulations to all three submitters for a job well done! Rexy and leveler have earned the right to participate in the competition's final round and shall be awarded bonus points as described in the contest mechanics. I strongly suggest the two to still join the succeeding rounds in hopes of getting even more bonus points. Allow me to thank my fellow curators for taking the time to participate in judging. Check back next week for Round 3 of "The Grand Audition 2009!" Again, congratulations to all participants!

Contest Entries
Entry Fermat's Last Theorem Unpetitmax Nyx Judges' Subtotal Readers Readers' Subtotal Total Comments
Valiant Heart
by Rexy
92 92 88 45.33 85.27 42.64 87.97 link
The Time Machine
by JBWock
71 75 70 36 71.18 35.59 71.59 link
Low Altitude
by Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon
- 78 96 43.5 70.27 35.14 78.64 link
Reader Voting
Voting has ended for this round.
Criteria for Judging

Theme (10%) - This score represents how well the submission adheres to the theme of the particular round. Unlike in the previous competition's rules, a grade of 0 is not possible for this criterion, as a submission which fails to adhere to a particular round's theme in its entirety will not even be eligible for judging and shall be treated like a regular submission to Sound Test. There can be some gray areas, as most rounds's themes shall be comprised of multiple conditions; thus, remixers are warned to be very specific and exact with their remixes.

Remix (35%) - The category encompasses how well the remix represents the original work(s). The piece should be strong enough that someone familiar with the original work recognizes the source material, but that it also strong enough to stand alone from the original.

Creativity (45%) - This category is a critique of the artist's compositional decisions in the songs creation. What has been added to really breathe life into the remix? Does the piece flow solidly from section to section, and stay fresh without becoming repetitive? Is listening to this song enjoyable?

Production (10%) - This category encompasses the technical qualities of the sound, including the quality of samples used, of any recording done, and of mixing and panning.

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