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End of Round 2 06.12.2009
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"Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends."
- Alphonse de Lamartine
Breath of the Ocean
Wen-Bin "Virtuoso" Tan Chrono Cross | Time's Scar
Author's Comments

A musical evocation, scored for solo piano, of scenes by the sea. The gentle ebb and flow of the waves against the beach at night. Villagers singing and dancing around a crackling fire amidst seaside huts, accompanied by the strumming of instruments. A light mist rises above the ocean at dawn; above it a fairy flits, gracefully, from cloud to cloud, looking down at the clear blue water below. Intoxicated, she falls through the mist, to be scooped up gently by the waves, breaking against the shore, sending spirals of vapor into the air which dance briefly with the waves, before vanishing into the sky high above.

Dedicated to Natalie, my friend and supporter, without whose help this work would not have taken shape.

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Indeed, the winner of Round 2 has been chosen, and though the margin of victory is significantly heftier compared to last round's, I think many would echo my sentiment that the runners-up can walk with their heads held high, for they did magnificently. Congratulations to all the participants! Check out the results and the scores' breakdown in the round page.

Now, following the tradition I started, let us walk down memory lane and look back at the winner of the same round during the last competition—none other than the immensely talented Virtuoso's Breath of the Ocean. It is a remix that took many a breath away with its magnificence—from the intensely rhythmic segment from 0:48-1:09 to the expressive segment that follows immediately. There's also that delicate nature, that fragility that a good portion of the piece evokes. If you don't have a copy of this lovely piece yet, take the opportunity now to download it. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

The announcement for Round 3 of "The Grand Audition 2009" shall be made next week, so keep an eye or three open for that. Hmm, three eyes? I must be subliminally trying to send out a message...

I suppose that's it for this update. Again, congratulations to the participants and my sincerest thanks to Unpetitmax and Nyx for taking the time to help me out. Have a great weekend, guys!

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