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Didn't Quite Make It 03.13.2009
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"The pause is as important as the note."
- Truman Fisher
Gold Leaf
Anthony "The Sinned Knight" Marceau Final Fantasy Tactics | Battle on the Bridge
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Welcome, one and all, to another Friday the 13th episode of Sound Test. Forgive the tardiness, but a bunch of wailing pregnant ladies can be quite tiring. As I've stated previously, I'm now in obstetrics and gynecology and am post-duty from the admitting section.

Onto more important business—the submission period for Round 1: Belligerent Youngsters has officially ended. Check back next week for our contenders.

As for the piece for this update, it's one of those submissions for the first round of competition that failed to satisfy the theme. It is a piano remix based on Battle on the Bridge from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is quite faithful to the original piece, and that, in itself, is quite noteworthy, for Sakimoto's pieces are notably quite difficult to truncate. Give it a listen, folks!

That's it for this update. Again, check back next week for the parade of entries! Enjoy the weekend!

Fermat's Last Theorem

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