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Loopy 08.30.2008
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"Music is well said to be the speech of angels."
- Thomas Carlyle, Essays
Shining Force II - Mitula's Theme
Aaron Leibrick Shining Force II | Mitula's Theme
Author's Comments

Here's a short diddle for you. Nobody makes modules anymore perhaps with the exception of TSSF, and it is a bit disheartening that a new generation of gamers doesn't understand nor enjoy how easy it is to write with this format. There's something about simplistic, well thought-out melodies that sucks me in.. I had to get it out of my head. A fantastic game with absolutely fantastic music, and it is what made me fall in love with FM synthesis, although this remake is not OPL2, it's just simple sine waves and such. It is by no means a masterpiece or a work of art, but the melody is effective and simple - and I hope, addicting. And only in 15.2KB! XMPlay is one of the best players for module formats, but Winamp will work as will Foobar with the proper plugins.

Anyway, I'm not wanting to make a big deal out of it on the column or anything (no need to even put it up, really, it isn't important), but maybe this will spark some interest in module writing. It's a dying format. What a pity - it is an amazing amount of fun to compose in, and simple. I'll have to cook up a "real" remix of one of these songs one of these days when I've got the time.

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I did say that occasionally I'd have to update on Saturdays, didn't I? Now, now, don't be mad...

I was on duty last night and I was unable to sneak out even for just a bit to update. Incidentally, it was my last duty for Internal Medicine. I actually have mixed feelings about this rotation. It was, without a doubt, the most draining of all the rotations I've completed, even more so than Surgery and its assists. Studying for your patients' cases while doing all the labs and following them up can seriously make you go a little loopy. I did, on the other hand, manage to learn a lot from my brilliant seniors as well as from the fascinating cases I managed to see while I was in the department. Multiple myeloma is supposedly quite rare, yet I saw two of them within a month. I even saw an NSTEMI (non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction) patient who just happened to also have the rare condition called Chilaiditi syndrome. A classmate even had a patient with Brugada syndrome. It was really quite cool.

On a side note, I found it quite depressing that all of the patients that I handled personally, save for an NSTEMI patient and one with a hepatic abscess, are eventually going to meet their demise pretty soon. Virtually all of them had cancer, either hematologic malignancies or patients which are already in stage IV. I think oncology is calling out to me...

Anyway... I think I've blabbered for a bit too long there. Let's go on to the piece, shall we? This update's piece is a rather short one (or an infinitely long one, depending on how you look at it) and the title isn't as creative as I would've hoped; nonetheless, it is a rather nice piece to listen to. I must admit, I never thought I'd get to use the "IT" button. Some of you may not have heard of the format, but I'm pretty sure your computers are aptly-equipped to play this file. Mr. Leibrick kept the flowy, ethereal background and the acciaccaturas almost added a bluesy kind of feel to the simple but infinitely likeable melody. I'm looking forward to that "real" remix you speak of, Mr. Liebrick. I do hope you let me and my fellow RPGamers listen to your opus once you're done with it.

I'm off to bed so that I can wake up early tomorrow for my last day in the Internal Medicine wards. Next up? Two weeks in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. Enjoy the weekend, guys!

Fermat's Last Theorem

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