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Welcome to The Music Box!

            It's the end of a long, turkey-filled, pumpkin-pie stuffed, gimmie more mashed potatoes week and you'll be glad to know there are a *lot* of songs on today's update. I'll be trying to update a little bit sooner; weekly if possible (Which I should've been doing from the start... ^_^)

           You may be curious as to why I titled today's column as such. Then again, maybe you figured it out by thinking a little while. Essentially, today is Black Friday (the start of the holiday shopping season and day when a Pikachu plushie is worth more than the Hope Diamond) and the last Black Friday of the millenium. Now, don't get technical, because I know the "millenium" doesn't really end until January 1, 2001, but you understand my point. Today signifies the beginning of the last holiday season of the 1900's. Whether that has any signifigance is up to you to determine, but I thought it was worthy of bringing up.

Or I could simply be making up an excuse to use an oxy moron.

Competitions: You guessed it: I don't have the Operattack-1 results. I'm not sure when I'll get them to you, or if you'll have to wait until the new year, but they will come. Eventually.
Lyrics: Two more song lyrics were added to the archives. Both are taken from Xenogears. Thanks for taking the time to send these!
Misc. Music: Zilch.
Music Mixes: Two new mixes were added. Final Fantasy Themes and Variations is a very clever mix of the Final Fantasy theme with music you wouldn't think of coupling together, and Final Fantasy Anew is a mix of the Final Fantasy theme with "Endless Battlefield" from Final Fantasy Adventure. Excellent job, guys.
Soundtracks: Obviously, Xenogears: Creid was added... I'll try to add a new soundtrack list with every update, so hopefully there will be a steady flow for the time being.
Tabs: None for today, although there are three tabs in the mailbox that are being checked over.
Wanted List: Same as last week, although I have had several requests for "Liberi Fatali" from Final Fantasy 8. Anyone willing to take up the challenge? ^-^

            There was quite a diversified collection of submission in my mailbox; 16 different games overall. Thanks for keeping me busy and the submissions. Hope to see you guys next week!

Jya ne! =)

You say millenium, I say Robbie Williams.

Music for Friday, November 26, 1999
Brave Fencer Musashi
Fast, Strong Current by SinclairC
Nighttime by SinclairC
The Only Friend by SinclairC
Topo's Groove Heaven by SinclairC
Breath of Fire II
Digital Music
Decadence of Strings by Magus Trelane
Gigyas Battle by SinclairC
Final Fantasy 4
Red Wings by SinclairC
Final Fantasy 8
Force Your Way by SinclairC
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Fireburg by SinclairC
Illusion of Gaia
Ankor Wat by SinclairC
Mu by SinclairC
Sky Garden by SinclairC
Start Screen by SinclairC
Lufia 2
Eat the Fruit! by SinclairC
For the Savior by SinclairC
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Thieves' Bazaar by SinclairC
Romancing SaGa 2
Digital Music
Battle by Yellow
Ogre Battle
Thunder by SinclairC
Star Ocean 2
Digital Music
Theme of Rena by Jerobe
Theme of Rena ~ (Orchestral) by Jerobe
Digital Music
Quatro's Theme by Erdrick
Safarium/Sanctuar Song by Erdrick
My Village is Number One by SinclairC
The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
Gerudo Valley by SinclairC
Music Mixes
Final Fantasy Anew by Aaron Leibrick
Final Fantasy Theme and Variations by Douglas Feldmann

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