The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time - MIDI
Bolero of Fire Peach Toadstool
Christmas in Kakariko Peach Toadstool
Epona's Song Jay Payne
Epona's Theme ~ (Remix) Jeff Chermak
Gerudo Valley SinclairC
Home, Sweet Home Peach Toadstool
House Theme ~ (2)
Kakariko Village John Isip
Kakariko Village (Child Link Version) Peach Toadstool
Market Theme ~ (2)
Requiem of Spirit Peach Toadstool
Saria's Song Jay Payne
Saria's Song ~ (2) Jeff Chermak
Saria's Song ~ (X-MIDI-1 Techno Remix) Freddy Meijer
Shop Peach Toadstool
Song of Storms Jay Payne
Song of Storms ~ (2) Brendan
Song of Time Jay Payne
Song of Time ~ (Remix) Jeff Chermak
Sun's Song Jay Payne
Zelda's Lullaby Jay Payne
Zora's Domain Billy Goat
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