Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals - MIDI
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals - MIDI Music Collection
Lucky 7s SinclairC
Air Excerion (Japanese) SinclairC
Air Excerion SinclairC
Attacked by Monsters SinclairC
In Autumn SinclairC
Battle Theme SinclairC
Blue Treasure Box SinclairC
Boss Battle Theme SinclairC
Capsule Pet Shrine SinclairC
Forfeit Island Casino SinclairC
Castle Theme SinclairC
Secret Skills Cave SinclairC
Confrontation with the Sinistrals SinclairC
Daos' Theme SinclairC
Dekar's Theme SinclairC
Destroyed Town SinclairC
Dragon Mountain SinclairC
Dragon's Shrine SinclairC
Eat the Fruit! SinclairC
Fanfare SinclairC
Flower Slot Win #1 SinclairC
Flower Slot Win #2 SinclairC
For Our Savior SinclairC
For Our Savior ~ (X-MIDI-1 Remix) TSSF
Fortress of Doom SinclairC
Gate of Journey SinclairC
Green Treasure Box SinclairC
A Capsule Pet Grows SinclairC
Inn Theme SinclairC
Introduction SinclairC
Iris' Theme SinclairC
Dr. Lexis Shaia's Lab SinclairC
Love Theme SinclairC
Lufia's Theme SinclairC
Map Theme SinclairC
Map Theme (8 minute version) SinclairC
Narcysus' Charm Melody SinclairC
Narvick SinclairC
New Member SinclairC
North Dungeon SinclairC
Premarl Submarine Town SinclairC
Port Town SinclairC
Red Treasure Box SinclairC
Rice Shower SinclairC
Theme of Sorrow SinclairC
Town Theme SinclairC
Sea Excerion SinclairC
Sealed Towers SinclairC
Sinistral Battle SinclairC
In Spring SinclairC
Sub Excerion SinclairC
In Summer SinclairC
Treasure Sword Shrine SinclairC
Thieves SinclairC
Original Title Theme (arranged) SinclairC
A Tragedy SinclairC
Tanbel Southeast Tower SinclairC
Village Theme SinclairC
Wedding SinclairC
In Winter SinclairC
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