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Heylas all! Ha, finally got a new look for music. My... it... looks.... like... Fan Art by Lorelai. (Whistles) This is phase 1, more is coming soon. As stated on Fanart, we hold an 'Office Hours' chat where you can chat with all the staff. It's on Espernet (,, ect) on IRC. #RPGamer. I hope to see you all there.

Play the songs

We have some great songs today. FF8 seems to be the crowning acievement today. Peach lightens things up with some good Zelda midis. (More tommarow too, mind you!)


People, I love to get e-mails with you submitting songs! Send them in! I especially want to see some FFV songs, Wild ARMs, Alundra, all those games we dont have midis for. SOTN is new, why not do some cool songs from there? Enchanted Banquet is one of my favorite songs from the game. There are tons more songs in SOTN that could be made into midis, so make em' while it's still fresh!

Fast Forward

  • I expect a beating from Lorelai for totally stealing her ideas =D j/k.

  • My nick for this...? Mark Jordan? Velius? Impresario Velius? =P Send me suggestions n stuff.

  • Yeah.... and..... maybe ill add a fan critisism page, what do you all think?
    --Mark Jordan
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    New Music - March 9, 1999
    Final Fantasy IV - MIDI
    Illusionary World KittyClaws
    Final Fantasy VII - MIDI
    Zodiacwing (Zodiac Battle + One Winged Angel) Daniel Freitas
    Final Fantasy VIII - MIDI
    Oceanside Will Siorta
    Final Fantasy VIII - Digital Music
    Boss Theme Olof Lšnnroth
    Final Fantasy Tactics - MIDI
    Zodiacwing (Zodiac Battle + One Winged Angel) Daniel Freitas
    Zelda: The Ocarnia of Time - MIDI
    Bolero of Fire Peach Toadstool
    Home, Sweet Home Peach Toadstool
    Kakariko Village (Child Link Version) Peach Toadstool
    Requiem of Spirit Peach Toadstool
    Shop Peach Toadstool
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