New Music - March 8,1999
Final Fantasy V - MIDI
What? Jay Payne
Final Fantasy VI - MIDI
Crazy Old Man Jay Payne
Final Fantasy VII - MIDI
A Great Success Jay Payne
Final Fantasy VIII - Digital Music
Final Fantasy Tactics - MIDI
Attack Team Jay Payne
Music Mixes - Chocobo
A Chocobo Lullaby Sensei LeRoof
Secret of Mana - MIDI
8 Ringing Bells WrexSoul
Boss Theme Daniel Freitas
You thought right! Finally an update! ;)

      Have no fear, Mark is here. Dont worry, I'll still work on New Media and News like always, but this is my main job now. Mike is a bit too busy and has overworked himself (yeah, especially with those 4 hour 'dinners'), so he'll stick to new media. Well I hope to update everyday from now on. Expect a change in the music page later. BTW: Zips will be update once a week so I wont have a premature heart attack.
      Let's see what we have, shall we? Some great variety here... FF seems to dominate, from 5-8. Two great new Secret of Mana songs also added, as well as a remix of our fav lil mascot, the Chocobo. Ill cya tommarow with 10 new songs! ;)

--Mark Jordan
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