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Suikoden II
Submitter(s): Alfred Pangkerego
Download: [800x600 (156.09k)]
Comment: I wanted to try my hand at a wallpaper for Suikoden, as it's my favorite RPG series. Not to mention, I hadn't found too many themes that focused on all the central heroes that I really liked. I had used water as the theme, and kept it simple with the colors so it stays effective as a background and shouldn't interfere with icons. It's nothing much, but it should do.
Submitter(s): Brian Welliver
Download: [1024x768 (104.52k)]
Comment: A few 1024x768 wallpapers made by me. They all have logos so it shouldn't be hard to figure out what's what. :)
Submitter(s): Daemonic_Angel
Download: [800x600 (86.04k)]
Comment: I was playing Suikoden (Again)and realized I havent seen any pics of Luc from Suikoden 3 so i searched for them and was very surprized how much he has changed from 2 to 3 so i started thinking WALLPAPER! I used the True Wind Rune that Luc owns as a background and very faintly added Leknaat over the rune and added Luc From Suikoden 1 and 2 and then added Luc from Sukioden 3 with and without the mask.
Submitter(s): Daemonic_Angel
Download: [800x600 (97.55k)]
Comment: I wanted to make a new suikoden wallpaper for my computer but couldn't decide on what I wanted to base it on *SPOILER* but while playing thru I came across the area that Jowy and Riou recieve the Bright Shield and Black Blade runes and the flashbacks so I wrote down what was said and use it for the text and added pictures of Jowy and Riou before and after they go thier separarte ways I think it turned out really good but it is missing something but Im not sure what, I cant quite put my finger on it but oh well I think it was successful none the less. Also I need new Ideas for themes so please send me some ideas for themes you want to see.
Submitter(s): Jonatan
Download: [801x601 (282.76k)]
Comment: A wallpaper featuring Luca Blight - Mad Prince, Slayer of Pigs and generally Evil Guy, here seen doing... what he does best.
Submitter(s): Jonatan L
Download: [802x605 (266.19k)]
Comment: I seem to be one of very few to actually like Nanami. I fell in love with this picture from the intro of Suikogaiden the moment I saw it (The picture, the picture! Not Nanami, the picture!), and decided to do something with it... probably didn't turn out as good as it deserves, but I think the end results are kinda pleasing... pleasing, but depressing. (It's such a sad pic... ;_;)
Submitter(s): PJ Yaskowski
Download: [1024x768 (379.86k)]
Comment: Background for Pesmerga, the mysterious armored knight in the suikoden series, and quite possibly the most intriguing character.
Submitter(s): Sierra
Download: [800x600 (514.72k)]
Comment: This is just a simple Suikoden 2 wallpaper I made using pics of my favorite girls from the game. It took me about half an hour to make, and I think it's pretty cool. Enjoy ^_^
Submitter(s): White WolfShiro
Download: [1024x768 (433.48k)]
Comment: The Animals of the Suikoden World can't be beat. They are cute, strong, and just plain look good. If one is cut imagine how 6 look! Now this is my first backround so it is not that good but I am currently still learning Photoshop nice!
Submitter(s): Zap
Download: [800x600 (439.35k)]
Comment: Suikoden II is one of my favorite RPGs. I like it a lot, and the cast was wonderful. I made this to show of the beauties of Suikoden II. ;) Several female characters are missing for various reasons.


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