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Game(s): Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Download: [800x600 (80.42k)]
Comment: This is a very simple wallpaper I made in about 2 minutes I just needed something new on my desktop.
Game(s): Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Download: [800x600 (147.28k)], [1024x768 (194.49k)]
Comment: It is a simple wallpaper of Arc. I tried to make it look like Arc's attack Gale Flash so I used Bryce to try to make the background then I put Arc in the center to top things off.
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Download: [800x600 (81.78k)]
Comment: I wanted to make a very simple wallpaper being my First wallpaper (Time sure flies by dont it?) so what better to use than FF7.
Game(s): Suikoden, Suikoden II, Suikoden III, Suikoden IV
Download: [800x600 (86.04k)]
Comment: I was playing Suikoden (Again)and realized I havent seen any pics of Luc from Suikoden 3 so i searched for them and was very surprized how much he has changed from 2 to 3 so i started thinking WALLPAPER! I used the True Wind Rune that Luc owns as a background and very faintly added Leknaat over the rune and added Luc From Suikoden 1 and 2 and then added Luc from Sukioden 3 with and without the mask.
Game(s): Suikoden II
Download: [800x600 (97.55k)]
Comment: I wanted to make a new suikoden wallpaper for my computer but couldn't decide on what I wanted to base it on *SPOILER* but while playing thru I came across the area that Jowy and Riou recieve the Bright Shield and Black Blade runes and the flashbacks so I wrote down what was said and use it for the text and added pictures of Jowy and Riou before and after they go thier separarte ways I think it turned out really good but it is missing something but Im not sure what, I cant quite put my finger on it but oh well I think it was successful none the less. Also I need new Ideas for themes so please send me some ideas for themes you want to see.
Game(s): Suikoden III
Download: [800x600 (57.38k)]
Comment: Just a simple wallpaper of Jeane from Suikoden 3
Game(s): Suikoden III
Windows Screensaver  
Download: [150x113 (2.25k)], [Download (514.38k)]
Comment: I like the way this turned out except of the fact that I used a DEMO!!! Damn that annoying text!!!


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